#1-Learn Swift-Xcode and Playgrounds

Welcome to the first Tutorial. Today you will learn how to download and install Xcode and how to use playgrounds.

Even before you write a single line of code, you will need to install Xcode.

Xcode Install.png

After downloading Xcode, we can start to code. Therefore we create a playground. A playground will help you to take your first steps in Swift. Please start Xcode and select “Get started with a playground”.

Create a Playground

You will need to name your playground and select a platform.

Name a playground

After you initialised the playground, i will talk about the structure of a playground. In a playground, you got a code and a debug area. Playgrounds compile themeselves in “real time”, so you normally don’t need to especially compile your code. If you want to continue at a later date, you can easily save and load your playground.


In the next Tutorial, we will begin with the fundamental conditions in Swift. Thanks a lot for reading the first Tutorial!


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